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SearchLight | SOLUTIONS

Cloud-based solutions for institutional and enterprise assessments and data analysis needs

Program Assessments

SearchLight automates the process of administering outcome based assessments and general data acquisition for program, departmental, system or institutional reviews, as well as, accreditation processes. SearchLight serves as the foundation for institutional and enterprise effectiveness by increasing participation of stakeholders and providing the ability to demonstrate effectiveness through outcomes related document storage at multiple levels of operation in an institution or enterprise.

Workflow Optimization

Workflow optimization is important for large and small organizations and institutions that want to reduce costs and provide better services.  With inefficient workflows, basic processes take longer and cost more to get done. Essentially, SearchLight is a "one-stop-shop" platform for data/document gathering, processing, analysis, and dissemination, which are the basic prerequisites for efficient workflow optimization.  The platform reduces the need for paper handling while automating processes necessary to streamline office operations. Furthermore, SearchLight enables organizations to reduce staff workload by focusing on a self-service model.  

Educational Accreditation

Most educational accreditation processes require continuous collection of data to support the goals and associated objectives of the institution.  SearchLight facilitates the process of accreditation by enabling units and departments to not only digitally collect the needed data but also manage those strategic objectives.  With SearchLight, role based access ensures only the appropriate personnel are able to manage requirements and assign responsibilities for responses.  SearchLight also supports automatic preparation of key documentation, such as accreditation reports and other compliance related documentation.  Furthermore SearchLight facilitates the process of developing budget requests in-line with the institution's strategic plan.

Course Evaluation


SearchLight supports various types of evaluations, including course evaluations, as a part of a systemic data collection process to monitor the success of a program in achieving intended learning outcomes. The instructor or educational researcher can use SearchLight to assess students before instruction to get a baseline of what students know, during instruction to determine what students are learning, or after instruction to determine if there has been any change in knowledge and to provide information needed to revise the class. Furthermore, students can use the SeachLight platform to evaluate course instruction on virtually any web connected device to save time and eliminate paper waste.

Time & Effort

Searchlight streamlines the process of effort reporting by augmenting or replacing existing systems. SearchLight facilitates effort reporting through efficient gathering and processing of data, enabling mass/bulk printing, supporting fast data transformation and sorting, automating enterprise-wide email communications for notifications and reminders, and supporting role based access for self-service.  These capabilities are often missing in other effort reporting platforms.

...and much, much more!

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