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SearchLight offers various cloud based solutions for academic institutional and enterprise assessment and data analytics.

We automate complex processes such as the administration of outcome based assessments and data gathering for program, department, system or institutional reviews and accreditation.


  • We provide true insight into static or dynamic data using predictive data analytics.

  • We promote institutional/enterprise effectiveness through the efficient automation of complex workflows.

  • We increase stakeholder participation through automated digital engagement.


We cater to the needs of a variety of institutional and enterprise stakeholders.  Solutions we provide are generally suitable for any departments or organization that have complex data needs, such as student and academic affairs, institutional research and human resources.

Accreditation Solutions

Accreditation Solutions

Outcome Based Assessments that Track Institutional Effectiveness for Continuous Improvement

Insight Driven Analytics

Insight Driven Analytics

Integrated Data Analysis and Visualization

Optimized Workflow

Optimized Workflow

Streamline Electronic Document Management

Responsive Evaluations

Responsive Evaluations

Automated Student Feedback Management


SearchLight supports multiple methods​ of conducting institutional/enterprise assesements.  Primarly, these methods fall into either direct or indirect assessment methods.  

  • Direct asssements evaluate objectives by way of performance criteria (indicators) that satisfy program/department level outcomes.  

  • Indirect assessments evaluate objectives by way of survey-like instruments which automatically map to program/department level outcomes.

Automated Reporting

SearchLight enables users to automatically generate various types of reports.  All reporting modules derive their data from underlying data ingests from authoritative sources, as well as, from user input.  Some modules enable users to directly augment the reports as needed prior to administratively set close dates.  Customized templates can be developed for individual departments to ensure all reporting needs are addressed. Some modules support additional capabilities such as automated pagination for physical printing and distribution.

Performance Reviews

What happens when you've collected all the information you need?  SearchLight allows you to quickly explore your assessment statistics through comprehensive data tables and graphs.  You choose how you want your data aggregated.  You can break down graphs to show the associated statistics that enable you to reveal the individual performance criteria (indicators) that satisfy an outcome.  You can further drill down beyond a performance criteria to reveal the instrument (i.e. course or survey question) that contributed to the criteria.


Workflow Management

SearchLight is essentially a "one stop shop" for data gathering, management, analysis and dissemination.  We first work with you to understand the needs of your institution or organization and then customize the workflow to suit those needs.  This approach ensures that unnecessary steps that often waste time and significantly impact efficiency are eliminated or aggregated into a smooth, all digital, workflow.  


Stakeholders are automatically notified via personalized email when action is needed.  When actions are completed, work forms are automatically routed to the appropriate individuals.  Role based access is embedded within the entire solution, so as to provide a consistent interface to the entire institution or enterprise. 


If you would like to receive a free consultation to help you determine if SearchLight is right for you, please fill out the following form:

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